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Description: Transform your worship experience with Motion Video Backgrounds! Created with the purpose of taking your worship experience to a new level, Motion Video Backgrounds offers a new breed of complementary visual effects. Excessive motion and color changes can detract from your worship. We seek to minimize these distractions while still providing attractive video support. Our videos offer a variety of identifiable themes, allowing them to be applicable to almost any worship song. Rather than using cliché footage, our films offer new scenes in a panoramic format, leaving the song lyrics to be seen clearly, thus adding to the worship, not taking away from it. Motion Video Backgrounds is an affordable way to fulfill the creative potential of your advanced media programs. Included in each volume are 5 individual videos, created in MPEG-1 format and each with seamless looping. The videos can be used with any worship presentation software with video capabilities (i.e. MediaShout, EasyWorship, WorshipHim, SongShow PLUS, and SundayPlus)


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  • 480p MPEG-1

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