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Description: In “I AM Present” poet K. Hall invites us to reflect on the past and to know the reality of God’s intimate presence. “In the womb of Eden where I fed you and warmed you,” recalls a place where both our most basic needs and our highest needs are fulfilled. What are important moments in your life that you can recall both your physical and spiritual needs were met, and that you knew that this was from God? How can the past memory of God’s presence help us to know of the reality of God being with us? When we wait, we are often anticipating the arrival of something or someone. However, the wait can be scary, lonely, and/or full of anxiety. K. Hall reminds us that God’s “presence remains.” How is God’s presence revealed in our waiting? How can waiting be a way that we can know God’s presence, even before the great arrival? K. Hall uses the image of “seers” who “lead the blind” and those who “take up hands with the paralyzed.” This speaks of aiding others in their time of waiting. How does ministering to others during their waiting help us to anticipate the coming of God?


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